Littlefield Grid is Littlefield Systems current grid offering.  This adult only (no child avatar or residents under age 18 permitted) grid offers premium content, a great community, and an incredibly stable environment.  The grid is a BDSM/LGBT friendly environment offering a discrimination free environment for all users and the most comprehensive compliment of RLV regions, and RLV content available via Opensimuator including exclusive licensing to several RLV creations by some of the best RLV content creators in the metaverse.  The grid has been mentioned in several articles for it's high quality content and solid community.  Littlefield Grid is a Non-Commercial project meaning that it has no commerce system and all content is free to the grid residents.  All content is community created and/or supported.  Account requests are approved by the Littlefield Grid admin team in order to keep a solid, safe, and drama-free community in place.  Regions can be rented via the LFGRID.COM website and are housed and supported by Littlefield Systems, LLC. 

Littlefield Grid

Littlefield Systems, LLC

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